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Friday, June 29, 2012

Hot and Sexy Sizzling Legs!

This workout will help you get those hot legs that you have been yearning for.  Do each exercise 10 times unless noted, each circuit is repeated 4 times.  Let's get moving!

Circuit one- no weights used
Quick Squat
Alternating Reverse Lunges (20 total- 10 on each leg)
Plie Jump Squat-  turn those toes out
Forward Stepping Lunge- alternating

Circuit 2- choose the heaviest weight that you have
Sumo Squats- legs are as wide as you can get them, squat nice and deep
Walking Lunges with a straight Leg raise to the back- 60- 30 on each leg
Step Ups- find a sturdy hair and step up on to the chair and back down
Squat with a side leg raise- 40 alternating
Calf Raise- 50
Plie Squats- get the feet out wide and those toes turned out

Finish out with a wall sit- hold for 30 sec- 3 times

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