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Thursday, June 11, 2009

water water water!!!

We all know that our body is made up primarily of water. We all know that our body needs water to do its basic functions. Did you know how crucial water is to weight loss? You know that "magic pill" that everyone is looking for for weight loss?? Guess what, I know what it is!! It is exercise, proper diet and WATER!!!! Thats right water!

This is how it works:

Water supresses your appetite naturally and helps in the body's metabolism of stored fat. Many studies have shown that if there is a decrease in water intake fat deposits will increase. If the body does not get enough water then the kidneys can not function properly. When the kidneys cannot take on their full load, it has to dump some of its load into the liver. One of the primary functions of the liver is to metabolize stored fat itno energy that is usable for the body. If the liver is having to take on some of the work of the kidneys then it cant operate fully either, know what happens? The liver metabolizes less fat and more fat remains stored in the body and weight loss comes to a halt! The average person should drink 8- 8oz glasses everyday (2 quarts). An overweight person needs more. They need an additional glass for every 25 lbs they are overweight.

I know I preach on water a lot but it is soooo important! Drink up ladies!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Marine Mud Challenge 2009

Saturday me and 7 other boot campers ran the marine Mud Challenge at Ft Gordon. It was 4.5 miles with 17 obstacles through the woods and through water and mud. I have never done anything so challenging in my life but it was the most rewarding thing that i have ever done! Saturday I put all my self doubts to the side. Saturday I proved to myself that I am strong and that i an do pretty much anything that I set my mind to. About half way through the race I found inner strength and will that I never knew I had, determination as well. My group completed the race in 1 hour and 3 minutes and took home second place in the female division. I cant tell you how proud of all of us I was! I know these girls were proud of themselves. I know once they completed they felt strong and powerful. Girls, you can do anything you put your mind to. Believe in yourself and never, ever sell yourself short!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Easy ways to add exercise to your day

Being active is a choice. You can choose to sit in front of a TV all evening and eat bon bons. You can CHOOSE to complain about being overweight but do nothing about it. You can CHOOSE to set an unhealthy example for your children. You can choose to drive around for 15 minutes looking for a closer parking spot. OR you can choose to be ACTIVE. You can choose to make little choices everyday that make a huge difference. Talk a walk after dinner, ride bikes with the kids, take the kids roller skating, walk the dog, take the stairs instead of the elevator, join an exercise class or group to hold you accountable, do jumping jacks during commercials, do 30 squats, 30 pushups, and 30 crunches while watching your TV show, hold your baby and do squats, run up and down your stair 10 times a day, play tag with the kids, go hiking, play a family game of baseball, kickball, or soccer. You see there are so many ways to stay active. Make it a goal to do 60 minutes of activity a day. It doesnt have to be all at once. You can break it up throughout the day. Just get moving! I promise, you wont regret it! :)

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Weigh in day

My boot camp was challenged by another boot camp in Birmingham to a Biggest Loser Contest. Of course if you know me and my competiveness I couldnt decline it! We decided to keep it simple and only have 5 participants on each time. I am so excited about my team. They are so motivated and so ready to kick their weight to the curb. Last week they worked their butts off. They went through several grueling workouts. In additon to their boot camp workouts and their extra cardio workouts they also are required keep a food journal. It is hard work but they were up to the 8 week challenge. We weighed in and measured in Jan 1 and we had a weigh in/measure in Jan 10. I cannot believe how well they did! Oh my gosh they kicked butt!! The smiles on their faces was priceless! I wish I had a camera to capture the moment. That weigh in lit a fire in them. They are so motivated to do this, to change their lives. To stop wishing they could lose weight and to get up and do it! They are inspiration to everyone. You can do it!

GO TEAM BETHANY!!!!!! I am so proud of you guys!

I am also proud of ALL of my boot campers. The workouts this month have been tough. They have been true sports, rarely complaining- you know you had to complain a little ;). The attendance has been up and you can tell they are ready to reach all of their goals this year. Girls keep up the good work. Be proud of how far you have come. Never give up and always give it 100%!

New boot camp starts Jan 19. I hope to have a record number!

No more excuses

I will never understand why people make excuses not to exercise. You are given 1 body in this life, you will have no other chance so why not take care of it? I hear people all the time say, "I dont have time to exercise", "it's too hard", etc. You dont have time to exercise but you have time to sit on your butt and watch TV from 8-11 at night! Why not go out and take a 30 minute walk? Do jumping jacks on commercials or pushups, or squats, etc. Park farther from the store when you go shopping instead of driving around for 15 minute to get a closer spot. Take the stairs not the elevator. Play with your kids in the yard. Take the family on a bike ride. There are so many ways to add fitness into your day. Stop making excuses! I always remember that my children are watching me. I am setting an example to them of the importance of exercise and taking care of their bodies. I want them to grow up knowing that exercise is a normal part of daily life just like brushing your teeth.