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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Weigh in day

My boot camp was challenged by another boot camp in Birmingham to a Biggest Loser Contest. Of course if you know me and my competiveness I couldnt decline it! We decided to keep it simple and only have 5 participants on each time. I am so excited about my team. They are so motivated and so ready to kick their weight to the curb. Last week they worked their butts off. They went through several grueling workouts. In additon to their boot camp workouts and their extra cardio workouts they also are required keep a food journal. It is hard work but they were up to the 8 week challenge. We weighed in and measured in Jan 1 and we had a weigh in/measure in Jan 10. I cannot believe how well they did! Oh my gosh they kicked butt!! The smiles on their faces was priceless! I wish I had a camera to capture the moment. That weigh in lit a fire in them. They are so motivated to do this, to change their lives. To stop wishing they could lose weight and to get up and do it! They are inspiration to everyone. You can do it!

GO TEAM BETHANY!!!!!! I am so proud of you guys!

I am also proud of ALL of my boot campers. The workouts this month have been tough. They have been true sports, rarely complaining- you know you had to complain a little ;). The attendance has been up and you can tell they are ready to reach all of their goals this year. Girls keep up the good work. Be proud of how far you have come. Never give up and always give it 100%!

New boot camp starts Jan 19. I hope to have a record number!

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  1. That's just GREAT!!!! I've found out that journalling is definitely KEY to any weight loss that happens for me. I hope they continue to kick some hiney!