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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Back at it!

I received full clearance from my doctor yesterday to get back to my regular workouts. I had a C Section 6 weeks ago and finally received no restrictions!! It was like Christmas morning for me! Until today I have been walking 6 days a week and doing very light weights- this had all been cleared and been given the OK from my doctor. I was careful to not lift anything heavier than my baby or do anything that placed any kind of pressure on my abdomen. While I was grateful to be able to do some activity it just wasn't what I am used to. I love to work my body hard. I love to give 100% of me, nothing but my best!!

I started today with a test jog. I wanted to see if I could jog a mile. I worked out my whole pregnancy, but around 34 weeks I gave up running, it just became too uncomfortable. I gave it a go this morning and made it! 9:37 sec! While this is over 2 minutes slower than my normal pace it was a start!! I had no pain when running, nothing was uncomfortable and I felt free! I felt like me!!! It was wonderful! The remaining 30 min I spent doing walk jog intervals. The humidity was so high today so I came home literally drenched in sweat and I loved it!!!

I decided to go lower body today with weights. Best thing I did when pregnant was create my own home gym, it is nothing fancy but it is enough to get a good workout while the baby is so young and it also gives me a reason to not have any excuses to workout. I upped my weight today, still not close to my normal but it was nice to not feel restricted.

I missed my workouts so much! I am so glad that I am back!!!

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